Admission Process


Admission to HIS

Before applying to HIS, applicants must submit the following documents to the HIS Office:

  • Applicant’s Birth Certificate or ID card copy
  • Previous School Records (two years)
  • 5 photographs
  • Completed Admission Form

Application Process

  • Applications to Horizon International are done by completing an ‘Admission Form’.
  • Applicants must take entrance examinations which include “English Placement Test”, “Non-Verbal Test”, “Math Test” and “Science Test”.
  • Applicants will need to show the voucher for the exam fee before the tests.
  • A short interview will be conducted by administration with the applicant.
  • A decision will be made based on the test results and general impression from the interview.
  • A short discussion will be done with the parents and feedback given. Students will be placed in an appropriate grade level upon decision with the parents/guardians. Students may start the academic year as directed by the Office.
  • HIS holds the right to deny any student’s application.

Admission Package

  • Parents/Students/Guardians will receive an Admission Package that includes documents such as ‘Admission Form’, ‘Tuition Fee Payment Plan’, ‘Student Handbook’, ‘Calendar’ and ‘School Profile’. Parents/Guardians need to read all these documents and confirm that they have read and understood them by signing.
  • All the above-mentioned forms should be filled in by every parent/guardian before enrollment.
  • The ‘Medical Form’ should be completed and revised when changed to show any student’s medical conditions or illnesses or medications of which the school should be aware. It is important that parents fill in the important information concerning their children which includes emergency contact phone numbers, medical history, etc and they are revised when changed. In the event of any emergency the school holds the right to take the student to the nearest hospital, if the parent / guardian of the student cannot be contacted.
  • The School office should be notified of any changes that might affect the Admission Form.

Student Info Confidentiality

The following areas of information concerning your child may be released when HIS administration considers it necessary.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Date & Place of Birth
  • Grade Level
  • Photographs
  • Years of Attendance
  • Enrollment Status
  • Achievements in school, local, national or international competitions
  • Previous School Records

List of Documents to be signed

Before Enrollment to HIS parents need to keep in mind that they will be required to sign and fill in the following documents:

  • Admission Form
  • Student-Parent Handbook Acknowledgment Form
  • Enrollment and Tuition Fee Payment Rules and Regulations

Registration Renewal

  • Registrations for a new year will commence on March 1 – March 15 every year. A registration fee should be paid within this period. Parents need to pay this amount to secure their child’s place. The priority will be given to current HIS parents. Registration will be conducted on first-come-first-serve basis after March 15.
  • Registration fee will be deducted from the tuition fee if it is paid between March 1 and March 15. Otherwise, additional registration fee will be paid along with the tuition fee.
  • Parents are strongly advised to plan ahead and make payments during the registration period.

Transfer / Withdrawal From School

  • Parents are to notify the school in writing if they intend on withdrawing their child from the school. A full term notice is to be given for any transfers/withdrawals.
  • If term notice is not given the student will have to pay the fees for the coming term.
  • School will provide necessary documents for students on demand which is done one week in advance.
  • A fee of 8000 Ks will be charged for any printed document.


Terminating Enrollment

  • Parents are to notify the school in writing if they intend on withdrawing their child from the school. A full term notice is to be given for any transfers/withdrawals.
  • Before terminating the enrollment students need to submit the following to the Office:
    • Textbooks
    • Any fees that haven’t been paid including tuition fees, library fees, damages, …
  • Students who do not meet the above conditions will not be issued any school document.