International Olympiads and Project Competitions


Horizon puts great emphasis on International Olympiads and Project Competitions. Talented students who are enthusiastic, hard-working and academically successful are selected from Grade 6 and offered special classes in Mathematics and Science after school hours, on weekends and during holidays. These intensive and challenging studies continue for three to four years. They study advanced Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics with their supervisors. They not only study the theoretical aspects of science bu the practical, too. At the end of grade 8 or grade 9, they participate in International/Regional Olympiads. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer projects are offered to the students from grade 8 or 9 who are really enthusiastic and skillful in those fields. They work on the projects for at least a year under teacher supervision.

They study advanced Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics with their supervisors.

Since 2006, Horizon International School Students participated in more than 50 events and won more than 85 medals including 15 golden, 26 silver and 30 bronze medals. Below is the list of Olympiads we haveparticipated so far and our achievements.

We Have Participated In;

  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO – Singapore)
  • Australia Mathematical Competiton (AMC – Australia)
  • Australian Science Olympiad (Rio Tinto Big Science Competition – Australia)
  • International Computer Project Competition (Infomatrix – Romania)
  • Internatioanl Sustainable World Project Olympiad (Energy, Engineering and Environment)(I-Sweep-USA)
  • International ICT Olympiad (Ebiko – Turkey)
  • International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO – International)
  • International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA – International)
  • Turkish Language Olympiad (Turkey)
  • International Environment Project Olympiad (INEPO – Turkey)